VC Updates

Today I am launching the UNSW Staff Voice Survey, which will give you the opportunity to have your voice heard on your experience of the culture and values of the University over recent years, how well it is performing, the University leadership and your working environment.Read more

I am now moving on from the introductory phase of my time at UNSW. I have met over 2,000 staff and students and my mind is full of images of people, their names, their roles, the places they work, their School/Faculty affiliation and their achievementsRead more

I am now just over 3 weeks in to my time at UNSW and I am enjoying every minute of getting to grips with running the university and meeting staff and students. The atmosphere around campus, as students arrive for O week is superb and I have enjoyed the buzz of excitement when walking along the mall.Read more

I have had a fascinating and enjoyable first week at UNSW. I am grateful to the many staff and students I have met for such a warm welcome, for the steady flow of information and ideas you are providing and for the feedback to my introductory video message last week. I have received particularly positive comments on the emphasis I am placing on enhancing the student experience, the social responsibility agenda, improving the quality and impact of our research outputs and optimising our external profile.Read more


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