The UNSW Natural Disaster Recovery Initiative

Staff at UNSW have expertise in many areas that can benefit communities affected by natural disasters.

The UNSW Disaster Recovery Initiative is designed to provide seed money up to the value of $5,000, to allow staff to utilise their knowledge and skills to help with the rebuilding of affected communities. The fund is capped at $25,000 per financial year.

It is aimed at educational and research projects which will assist in the long term recovery phase after a major event. Read more

Our strategic planning consultation is progressing well with enthusiastic input from across the University whilst the staff survey achieved levels of participation not previously achieved by UNSW or our Australian counterparts. I have enjoyed numerous discussions and engagement visits within UNSW, as well as a series of external events. As a result of discussions and planning over the last few weeks, a series of initiatives are progressing including our UNSW Climate Change Forum, the Inaugural Professorial Lecture series and a UNSW Gender Equality initiative. Read more